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Watercolor and Acrylic Artist

Lynne Armstrong

Lynne Armstrong, watercolor artist

Lynne Armstrong's artist statement:

I have worked in watercolor for the past 30 years, marveling in the luminosity of the medium and pushing for more abstract compositions. I experiment with loosely applied brushstrokes, simple color contrasts and often use mylar paper to retain and emphasize the shape of the painted stroke. I also work in oil, acrylic and clay.

What I want to paint is a new reality that begins with observation of nature but goes beyond what I see to include what I feel. My purpose is to capture the emotion, the original inspiration for the painting, weaving a complex painted surface which never locks into place. In our busy world, we are all in a hurry. When you stop and look at a painting, you are looking at a frozen moment. As an artist I am asking you to stop and look; I am attempting to seize those moments and rob them of their impermanence.

I completed a Masters Degree in Fine Arts in Painting at Cornell University and a Masters in Art History at Stanford. For one year I was a student at the Academia di Belle Arte in Florence, Italy, before completing my comprehensive examinations for a Ph.D. in Art History at Stanford. I have taught art in college, high school and elementary school.

I live and work in Port Angeles, Washington, on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Juried exhibitions include Strait Art 2004 and 2008, Ocean Shores, Sequim Arts and Sooke Fine Arts. My work is represented in many private collections in the US, Canada, Asia and Europe. I am a member of Sequim Arts and the Blue Whole Gallery, an artist’s collective.

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