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Ceramic Artist

Rudy Bauer

 Rudy Bauer, Ceramic Artist, porcelain lamps

Rudy Bauer's artist statement:

After 16 years of concentrated effort to learn the science and art of clay, I have reached an understanding of my passion with the clay medium. The skill attained to transform elements of the earth into vessels of sustenance and artful visual beauty keeps my quest to do everything in the world possible through clay.

The process of ceramics challenges me more physically and mentally than any other accomplishment I’ve attained. It constantly provides the impetus to make clay do things it physically should not, thereby creating new techniques which are accumulated from the teachings of many.

I live a dichotomous life where regimen and precision skills mix with the freedom to bend the rules of creating. My art is from my innermost effort to love life.

Every piece I make is created as if it were for me to keep. I take the extra time to complete the forms flawlessly. Alterations, additions, removing and deforming occur on every piece to make it like no other. Hours are spent sanding and layering colors upon colors to yield glazes and surface colors beyond imagination.

More of Rudy's work can be seen on his website, www.rudybauerpottery.com.


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