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Ceramic Artist

Steve Wry

 Steve Wry, ceramic artist

Steve Wry's artist statement:

I began studies in art at Fullerton College in Fullerton, California, where I originally studied painting. In the course of my studies I had to take an elective in ceramics and fell in love with clay. I changed my emphasis to ceramics and graduated with an AA in Fine Arts.

I attended California State University in Fullerton, where I majored in ceramics under Jerry Rothman. I minored in Art History and graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts.

I spent the next 30 years in the printing industry and computer graphics.

Since moving to Washington in 2007, I was reintroduced to ceramics by Rudy Bauer, and have been making small sculptures inspired by ancient cultures and present day events. Although my pieces may seem to have a serious side to them, I try to approach each piece with an element of whimsy and a fervent desire to not take myself or my work too seriously.

I work with a range of low fire clay and glazes and a variety of techniques which include Raku, pit firing and low fire oxidation electrical firing, or a combination of all three. I am currently working to lighten my glaze palate, and develop a cast of characters inspired by the more fantastical creatures of myth and lore. Dragons, trolls, and local wild life and fish are making an appearance in a not so reverent take on reality.


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