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Collage, Assemblage and Mixed Media Art

Mary Marsh is a talented collage, assemblage and mixed media artist who creates stunning, original art pieces.

High Tech City II

Face of Nature 

Oil and Watercolor Paintings

Donna Standerwick classifies her painting style as "interpretive realism," and her subjects vary from people and animals to still life and landscape paintings.

Garden Goddess

Garden Goddess, oil painting

Mixed Media Collages and Pastel Paintings

Carol Eichler creates stunning mixed media collages and pastel paintings.

The Young Monarch

The Young Monarch, african prince, mixed media collage 

Smokeless Paraffin Oil Lamps

These smokeless paraffin oil lamps are made of hand thrown Coleman porcelain. They are safe, and burn for long periods when filled.

smokeless paraffin oil lamp 

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