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Pacific Spume

Watercolor Painting

Pacific Spume, watercolor painting 

Artist: Donna Standerwick

The great waves of the Pacific Ocean breaking over Washington's coastal rocks is a challenge to paint with watercolor. The contrast of the soft and fluid water meeting the hard, immoveable rocks and breaking into soft, misty spume is awesome. The soft spume catches a rainbow of pastel color that appears even softer against the rock and can be quite easy if one lets water be water. Painting the rough textures of the rocks can be more of a challenge with the fluid watercolors. The spray coalesces into rivulets that trickle down the rocks, showing their texture as the foam covered waves swirl around them.

This painting is done on Arches 300# watercolor paper with transparent watercolor paints. Its style to me is interpretive realism or impressionistic. One knows exactly what it is and what is happening, but it is not photographic in its presentation. The painting, as well as being a contrast of hard surfaces and fluidity, is a contrast of colors; of warm browns and yellow tones against the cold blues and blue greens of the Pacific Ocean.

This seascape was done as a demonstration for a class I was teaching.

Materials: Watercolor Paints, Arches 300# watercolor paper

Dimensions:  15" high by 22" wide
Weight: 1 pound

Price: $365  Please contact us for exact shipping charges to your zip code.

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